Foundation programs

Fund Trustees

Trofimenko Sergey Genrikhovich

senior partner and CEO of PR agency Point Passat

Drozdov Nikolay Nikolaevich

a legendary Soviet and Russian scientist-zoologist and bio-geographer, professor of the Faculty of Geography of the Moscow Lomonosov State University (since 2000). Host of the TV show "In the World of Animals" (1977–2019), traveler and popularizer of science. Member of the Academy of Russian Television (1996), public figure and promoter of nature conservation

Menshov Vladimir Valentinovich

Soviet and Russian actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, TV presenter, ecucator

Zakharova Faina Yakovlevna

President of the «Life Line» Charitable Foundation, coordinator of the WWF’s program for establishment of the EcoCenter Zapovedniki in 1996

Spitsyn Vladimir Vladimirovich

President of the Eurasian Association of Zoos

Chernyshkova Elena Pavlovna

independent expert in the field of non-profit organizations, former President of the «Sistema» Foundation, director of the «Dynasty» Foundation

Myaskov Alexandr Viktorovich

Director of the MISIS Mining University , founder of the “Golden Turtle” wild nature photo contest

Shpilenok Igor Petrovich

wild nature photographer and videographer, blogger, writer, founder and first director of the “Bryansk forest” nature reserve

Shatkovskaya Elena Flegontovna

Director of the “Kenozersky” National Park and the “Onega Pomorie” National Park

Topoleva-Soldunova Elena Andreevna

Director of the autonomous NGO "Agency of Social Information" (ASI)

Our vision

Protected areas embassy is

Educational center
to open to society the potentiality of protected areas for the benefit of nature and people
to unite people around common and undoubted values: nature and nature-related cultural heritage.
to connect the protected areas and people who works there.
Accelerator and guide
for ideas that combine heritage preservation and local socio-economic development.
Resource center
to promote the effective work of protected areas.

Our goals

We strive to ensure that

1. Goal
Protected areas are among the five most important values of Russian society and have become objects of national honor
2. Goal
In 30% ща regions, protected areas have become centers of support for rural initiatives and catalysts for the development of the Russian remote land.
3. Goal
Every Russian schooler and student knows about the contribution of protected areas to the preservation of nature and culture. More than 20% of children and young people are involved in volunteer or environmental movements. Work in the protected area is included in the top 20 of the most prestigious professions in the country.
4. Goal
Each region of Russia understand the value of protected areas for socio-economic development. More than half of the regions include protected areas in their development strategies.


Who we are

Danilina Natalia

President of the Foundation

Zikiryaev Furkat

Financial director

Vereshchak Yulia

Director of international ptojects

Gasparyan Ksenia

Development director

Bershadskaya Vanda

Coordinator of corporate volunteer projects in protected areas

Kasatkina Anastasia

Project coordinator

About Centre Zapovedniks

Centre Zapovedniks is an initiator of the Foundation Protected areas embassy. Centre Zapovedniks has worked since 1996. The most significant results of the work are:

Concept of development of environmental education in protected areas
Developed and implemented.
Profession «environmental education in protected areas»
Created and legally registered.
Protected areas academy
Original methods of training for employees of protected areas have been developed. More than 3,500 specialists were trained in the training center.
Tourist infrastructure
Methods of creating ecological and educational infrastructure for tourists in protected areas have been developed and have been implemented in practice.
Friends of protected areas
The movement Friends of protected areas for students and youth was initiated and supported. Almost 600 thousand students took part in the project «Protected areas lesson -2017».
The development of volunteering in the protected areas was initiated and provided with a methodological basis. More than 25 volunteer expeditions are organized per year.
Working with the local communities
The basics of the work of protected areas with the local population have been developed. More than 20,000 locals have become beneficiaries of the project "Sparks of Hope for Russian Villages".